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Ensemble Based Leadership is rooted in the tradition of Music and Theatre where a group of individuals join to create an ‘Ensemble’ the purpose of which is to direct and perform a story through Creative expression.  As Corporations seek to develop leaders and employees who are effective storytellers with qualities of empathy, courage, adaptability and listening skills Ensemble Based Leadership provides a highly effective opportunity for ‘A-ha moments’ or ‘break-through thinking’ in this regard.  ‘Ensemble’ implies creation not competition which the word ‘Team’ is closely associated with.  In LionsHeart Leadership we create the opportunity to reveal a LionsHearted Story which ties in the value systems of individuals toward the heartbeat of the collective. Ensembles provide greater opportunity for driving innovation, creativity, happiness, break-through thinking, building consensus leading to an environment of Trust and building ‘Pride’ (Family).  


1.  Lead From the Strength of Your Pride:

As Lions lead in ‘Prides’ the word ‘Pride’ also means leading from the Strength of the ‘Ensemble’, the Pride of individual and collective contributions forming the unique identity of the group. Talents, Energy, Diversity of the 'Ensemble' are like the Notes in a Composition working in concert

2.  Courage:

Having courage to reveal a part of yourself in Story to inspire others.  Great Storytelling whether in Music, Stage or Screen means revealing a part of yourself in the development and performance of the work.  So to in business it takes a commitment of Courage to embrace creativity, adaptability, empathy to reveal something of yourself to others.  

3.  Creativity:

Unlocking Creativity is a fundamental part of revealing the truth of your Story and working in ensembles. Creativity plays an important process in discovery, and 'play' not only as it applies to innovation but the ability to listen, adapt and discover 'A-ha' moments which produce new ways of thinking and collaborating.  It creates energy and commitment of purpose to goals and to the Pride

4.  Connection:

In Leading with Courage by revealing your Story you discover pathways toward connection.  In opening yourself to the Creative process you create opportunities to connect to your Ensemble providing a positive atmosphere, re-enforcing exchange of ideas, energy and building trust.

5.  Heart

Empathy, resilience, passion and mindfulness reveal the 'Heart' of the Lion, the idea that in sharing your story from the Heart your value systems will be reflected and reinforced in the connections of the 'Pride' (Ensemble). In leading from the Heart you create an environment of Trust revealing authentic Leadership

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