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What Is Your Lionhearted Story?

What does it mean to be Lionhearted?

Oftentimes the Corporate American mindset equates Success with Power, Domination, Control. TO be Lionhearted though deserves a different understanding of Leadership. It is about revealing something of yourself to share with others (Your Pride) from Your Pride you create buy-in, community and an Ensemble.

Competition is diluting the Strength of Our Pride. Not only in our Companies but in Our Govenemrent, Our Churches, Our

The Story of Washington and the Winter of 1776. Washington was infamous for sharing stories of the Great sacrifices our forefathers made in building and fighting for this Nation. The language he uses is very inclusive. 'We' it is not about one Man or One individual but the summoning of a collective of Talent pursuing a Goal. The eradication of Tyranny in hopes of establishing a new vision rooted in Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness. Legacy, Tradition -- Washington tapped into Nobiility of Purpose. He

These were Lionhearts.

In 1965 a young Woman had endured enough - she was tired of enduring the abuse,

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