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What's Your Story?...


LionsHeart Leadership helps Corporate Teams by facilitating 'A-ha' moments through storytelling (taught by Professional Musicians and Broadway Actors) creating a fun, experiential Leadership Journey incorporating Music, Ensemble Based Leadership™ emphasizing Courage, Creativity & Connection. Our Team of Thought Leaders in the Creative & Performing Arts and Thought Leaders in Leadership Development expand the understanding of Innovation, Improvisation, Positive Collaboration, and Creativity (as it relates to Corporate Challenges) through three main offerings: Keynote Concerts (Motivational Songs/Story), Storytelling Workshops and Teambuilding.  


1 - 2 Hour engagements part performance / part storytelling weaving themes relating to company challenges, how we develop powerful stories by revealing authenticity (courage of the LionsHeart) in the Leader and Ensemble (Team).  We explore as the foundational Leadership Philosophy the Five Beats of the LionsHeart.  "Lead From The Strength Of Your Pride" the history of the ensemble, creating empathy and buy-in.  We explore effective storytelling techniques as exemplified in Music, composition and performance.


    2 - 4 Hour Programs which integrate Corporate Objectives by highlighting Ensemble Based Leadership™ in the process of songwriting and performance.  Broadway Singers and Musicians weave powerful storytelling through Song and examine how Songwriters approach composition and storytelling. 

    In this interactive experiential program groups are divided into small 'ensembles' forming their own 'band' we examine commonalities in music preferences (What's In Your Playlist, assign roles within the 'band' and examine lyrical and musical content (hooks & production), and how it relates to personality and Ensemble (Team) dynamics. This serves as a springboard for broader discussion between the Ensemble and facilitator in connection to the Five Beats of the LionsHeart.  The day ends on a high note with the ensemble ('band') performing their own 'anthem' with the support of the Professional Band with the option of having a fully produced song for the Ensemble which is added to the 'Company Playlist'.


    In this 4 - 8 Hour Program we examine in deeper detail the unique challenges the Ensemble faces organizationally and as individual contributors.  This program expands on the Songwriting Workshop exploring in detail how Ensemble Based Leadership™ creates long term change in the areas of Innovation, Creativity and Collaboration.  The framework of the Ensemble serves as the basis for examining LionHearted Courage in Story. 

    The Ensemble ('Band') works together to develop a story / song based on the stories of individuals.  Exploring commonalities in music preferences we explore the courage of LionsHeart Storytelling in revealing the authentic voice of the individual.  We incorporate the qualities of inspired storytelling and create an anthem based around the contributions of the ensemble. 

    Each ensemble receives a 'Grammy Award' for their contributions and fully produced song created from the experience.  There is a custom video created capturing the themes of the day set to the original song the ensemble has created.

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    Courage. Creativity. Connection.

    We help you tell your story.  

    Songs are among the most powerful ways we connect in culture.  It is a bridge toward understanding value systems and creating energy. LionsHeart Leadership examines the power of Storytelling through Song: from composition to performance.

    Musicians/Actors from Broadway and the Music Industry elucidate the powerful connections we have to building better Ensembles (Teams), Connect Professionally and Personally by embracing a philosophy of LionsHeart Courage.

    The traits of a LionsHeart are not focused on Power, Domination, or Competition.  It instead focuses on the Courage of the Heart.  To lead with conviction rooted in the strength of your Pride (Family, friends or co-workers) the personal Stories of individual Courage in connection to the identity of the Ensemble.  The idea that every person has a unique and powerful story to tell which eminates from their ideals, beliefs and faith. The LionsHeart radiates confidence from his/her optimism, courage, belief in his/her journey in context of the Ensemble.  In taking care of Family (The Pride) we come to know our true Life’s work.

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    Stephen Lyons (President/Founder)  

    Stephen has a passion for helping individuals and Ensembles ('teams') expand their understanding of personal and collective creativity.  He founded LionsHeart Leadership out of a desire to help Corporate Ensembles ('teams) unlock their creativity and leadership skills through storytelling and song. He blends a unique background as a Professional Actor and 10 years experience working with Fortune 500 Companies in Leadership Development.  In a climate where employees are unhappy in their work and with management Stephen sees a unique opportunity to bring the model of Ensemble Based Leadership by revealing the Courage of the LionsHeart through storytelling and song.  Stephen is passionate about utilizing the rich history of Music, Theatre, and Film as a way to help Corporate Teams become more Creative, Courageous and Connected by unlocking their potential in the 'Ensemble' by revealing their LionsHeart.   

    Stephen blends a unique background as a Musician/Actor and Leadership Development Consultant.  As an Musician/Actor of 20 years having appeared with dozens of Professional Theatre Companies including The Orlando Shakespeare Festival, The Pennsylvania Shakespeare Festival, Cape May Stage, The Philadelphia Artists Collective, The Arden Theatre Company, Delaware Theatre Company in both Classical and Musical Theatre.  Stephen is the frontman for New York based Bonfire Falls featuring Erikka Walsh and Ryan McCurdy from the 8 Time Tony Award winning Broadway Production of 'Once A New Musical'.  His debut Solo album 'Fall' featured his rendition of Bridge Over Troubled Water dedicated to his Brother and Parents was a semi-finalist for the Nationally Recognized 'Unsigned Only' contest.  He was the voice of a Nationally syndicated Radio program heard by 8 million listeners daily.  

    As a Facilitator and Sales Consultant he has worked with dozens of Fortune 500 clients including The Fullbright Foundation, AT&T, Campbell's Soup, ConocoPhillips, Dupont, SunTrust, The Vanguard Group, in areas such as inspirational leadership, high performance teamwork, creativity, storytelling, collaboration and communication.  


    Stephen earned his Bachelor of Arts in Theatre with a minor in Theology at DeSales University. 

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